Chengdu Metro Line 8 Phase II’s longest shield range left line through the left line

Original title: The longest shield range on the second phase of Metro Line 8 runs through yesterday. Chengdu Rail Group released news.

The second phase of Line 8 is the extension of the first phase of the project. It extends to Chenghua District and Xindu District in the northeast, and the southwest is extended to Shuangliu District.

  The extended section of the northeast of this line connects the Longtan Temple Headquarters Economic Zone, and the extension of the southwest connects the comprehensive functional zone of the aviation hub. It is an important line that supports the economic development of the eastern region of the city and effectively connects the comprehensive public transportation hub, and provides motivation for promoting industrial upgrading and regional economic development. Essence

  According to reports, there are 8 shields in the second phase of Line 8, and Longtan Temple Parking Line’s entry and exit the left line of the shield range is long, which is the longest range of the line.

There are 5 rail paving bases in the second phase of Line 8, with a total mileage of about a kilometer of the rails. The Longtan Temple parking lot rail paving base is about 14 kilometers. The task of the rail paving task ranks first in the entire line to laid the key points for the entire rail. (Chengdu Daily Jinguan News Reporter Yuan Hong) (Responsible editor: Luo Yu, Zhang Huawei) Share let more people see it.

“Overall design,I am ready to use more than 30% of biological materials.,Metal ore with various properties……”“……As a result,Refining the performance of water shuttle in water will increase,And also have strong toughness……”“……the most important is,Such a combination of materials,Can lower 50% of refining difficulty,During a large amount of refining process,Can save costs and time……”“As for the design of internal array,I have prepared three-piece array,Combined with the characteristics of biological materials……”“……so,You can play all the performance of the water.,I only need to have a very small real element,Can achieve the original effect……”Important,Once refining,This water has reached the power of four products.。

But the compression of its simplified nodes and array,But can let the three products refining practitioners can refine it.。
Not exaggerated,Summer this improvement,Regardless of the mailing node,Still material cooperation,Almost creating a new structure。
Design of every detail,It is pioneering,Just right,A second to the peak。
The big conference room。
Everyone listens to。
For everyone,This is an extremely rare opportunity。
A five-product refiner master,A five-piece road, everyone personally explained,Many places will make Monasteon,Suddenly realize。
Even someone breaks through the bottleneck,I feel that my knowledge is a quality improvement with my eyes.。
After he is explained,Laud,“I have a limited energy.,Many places will also consider no circumference,I don’t know what opinions and suggestions do you have?……”No one speaks。
Oppose each other,Hilarious。
This kind of innovation,They still see and hear it for the first time.,What opinions can you have?。
Inversely, Zhang Laoyi is still a model.。
“Old,If you have something wrong。”
Wang Yuxin took the initiative to open。
Zhang Laogan cough,“I have no opinions.,that is……Xia Master,Wearing the water shuttle should portray the waterproof pattern.?
I didn’t see it on your structure.,so……”“Um?
Waterproof pattern?”
Summer stunned,“I don’t know how to waterproof.……”“Waterproof pattern is a specific location in the waters.,Portrait,In this way, weaken the impact of water waves.,At the same time, adjustments can also be adjusted,Thus by means of water,Can increase speed to a certain extent。”
Summer eyes bright,Archway,“Please ask Zhang Lao to come into detail。”
See him,Zhang Laoxin is also slightly happy,Positive color,“Waterproof pattern is not only a pattern,In fact, it is still a method of array.,But this array must be exposed……”Speech,He also took out a jade simple,Projection a array。
“GM is only this kind of waterproof pattern,these days,I also want to make some changes.,You see here……”Although Zhang is not a refiner,Will not bury,His theoretical knowledge is very profound。
He will explain the waterproof pattern.,What kind of material,What kind of array of cooperation,What effect is achieved, etc.。
After he is finished,Summer eyes are more invented,Applause。
“Very good,Is my mistake,I miss this,Old,Very good for your array……”This is the collective wisdom,Even if summer can’t be perfect。
“If you add waterproof,,The speed of wearing water can also improve a lot,Old,You feel that it is good to portray the waterproof pattern in several parts.……”Zhang Xinxin,But not too arrogant。
after all,His improved waterproof pattern in front of this water,Can only be a brocade。
Two people discuss,During this period,Several three-piece treasurer and refineries also joined them,Common ideas。
Atmosphere became extremely enthusiastic。
So,The whole seminated one night stopped。
Among them, there are many sense of ideas.,Let the summer make changes again。
At the end,Wang Yixin made a summary speech。
“Allocate,This wearing water has been improved by Xiamen Master to easily,Twenty days,You should be able to refine it.。”
One of the three-character refining instructor immediately,“Rest assured, Wang,Xia Master and Zhang Lao have improved this extent.,If we still refine, if we still refine,It’s better to find a piece of tofu.。”
“Ha ha。”
He said this,Suddenly attracted a few refineries。

Affiliated to the Yellow River University of Science and Technology to carry out large -scale free clinics

Everything is born in Changchun.

From March 7th to 8th, the free clinic team of the Affiliated Hospital of the Yellow River University of Science and Technology entered the Foan Community, Tianqing Community, and Bauhinia Huating Community to carry out a series of large -scale free clinic activities. Chunxia went to the scene to guide the free clinic. The free clinic activity is formed by the hospital’s cardiovascular department, nephrology, neurology, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology department, Chinese medicine department, and ophthalmology department.

It also provides services such as blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, and electrocardiogram. At the same time, the common sense of prevention and treatment of diabetes, hypertension, and stroke of stroke, and medical staff in the emergency department to the residents of the residents of the residents. Medical staff found that most residents who came to measure blood pressure were mostly friends with middle -aged and elderly friends. They proposed scientific diet advice to residents with high blood pressure in a timely manner, reminding them to change bad lifestyles, exercise more Check the treatment, and take reason and safe medication for different diseases. On behalf of the hospital, Li Yudong expressed his gratitude to the residents of the Fogang community, the Tianqing community, and the Bauhinia Huating community. Li Yudong said that leaving health for the people is not only the original intention and mission of the party and the government, but also the fundamental starting point for adhering to the public welfare clinics of the Yellow River University of Science and Technology.

The Fogang Community, the Tianqing Community, and the Bauhinia Huating Community are our neighbors. We must not only do the community’s free consultation work, but also further strengthen medical and health services for the surrounding people.

Zhang Guojun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Fogang Community, said that in the future, the community will continue to carry out such activities with the Affiliated Hospital of the Yellow River University of Science and Technology to promote the civilized and healthy lifestyle of residents in the jurisdiction and allow residents to enjoy better services.

This free consultation was well received by residents. "Originally thought that it was just a table and a measurement of blood pressure. Who knew that there were so many doctors from different departments, not only could he consult and consult, but also provided us with free blood glucose measurement and electrocardiogram.

It’s really convenient to move to a small hospital! "The old man who finished the inspection said cheerfully. The free consultation was distributed more than 400 propaganda materials, and more than 600 people were received on -site diagnosis and treatment and health consultation. He achieved good social benefits and was well received by the masses.

The free consultation service at the door of the house greatly increased the sense of medical treatment, happiness and security of the masses.

The Affiliated Hospital of the Yellow River University of Science and Technology uses the spirit of benevolence and selfless dedication to interpret the concept of "big doctors’ sincerity". With the goal of protecting the health of the people, with the superb diagnosis and treatment level, it serves the health of the people.

(Qin Jiajia at the School of Science and Technology of Yellow River) (Responsible editor: Xin Jing, Xu Chi) Share let more people see recommended reading.

So you get a book that you can send time to the pastime,It is also very difficult。Because the reader is very golden,At the very least, it is also the name of the power.,Even if the copy will copy some practical books。

For example。
If there is no need“sponsor”,Basically, those idle books cannot be circulated on the market.。
For example, the world of the Southern Song is coming soon.,It is the editorial written by Liu Yicheng, the Southern Dynasty.,If there is no backward gold to give money,It’s hard to imagine if you want to flow.。
Grasp,A bold gold,I don’t even have the embarrassment.,However, it seems that this three countries actually see the feelings of the people.,That is called a hearty.。
At this time, I was seeing Changshan Zhao Zilong Silvene Silver Gun.,Seven into seven in the chaos,What kind of intertility is very cool?!
ModerateYY,It is a cool door to get a cool point.!
“Ugh,This Gao Bo Yi,Indeed。”
Will put the book under the law of the law,See the title page“Gao Baoyi”These words,Eye complicated。
Although the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is just a very easy-to-understand book,However, the strategy and military law inside,But not Hu edible。Amusen is a person who is old,Participated in all the fight between Gao Huan and Yu Tai!
So for this book,anyone,Including Gao Boyi,Are far away without deeper。
Now Jinyang’s situation,Like Cao Yu Cao Zhi two people。Wilderness,Not speechless,Many heavyweights in the six towns come to him“Station team”,For example, Hertan。
He didn’t hear the same。
Aunt family is quite strange,They are in the military world,However, it is not to say that there is no two existence.,Just serve as“Supporter”character of。
This is a good thing.,They can be eaten inside the six towns,You can also trust in the high-yield royal family.。
I tried to ask if the Robust is the pilot of the six towns.,Is the Gao Yang still sleep??Leave the Light of the Light in Yucheng, is it handed over to each other??This is the way of survival of the family,The scenery of their home has been decades,Rely on this station team technology。
“Master,Great event!”
The door of a venue pushing the book is rushed.。
This person is a column,It is a golden gold“Sellow slave”,That is, it is the leader of the horse to resist the horse.,This kind of person is generally the main servant relationship with the owner.,If the owner can live for decades。
For example, Liu Tao is a good fortune.,Always believed in the trust of the high royal,Who is an emperor?,Who is he listened?。
“I have to go to the New Year.,What is bad??”
Dendrobel is frowning。
“Xiao Lang killed after being said!”
Azhu said a news that gave the golden hearts of the law!
On the way to the escort high Zhu Jinyang,Human attack,Five hundred banned army,Gao Zhan is also in the chaos,Only the Roller’s one person。
Even the Raw World escapes back to Jinyang,Don’t go home,Instead, I went straight to Jinyang Palace to tell the military situation.,The result was taken behind him“Trick”Crime directly killed!
“Deceive too much!”
Fladder,Amount to a fist in the table,Tea is splashing out。
Blood straight brain door,Want Jinjin now wants to rush into Jinyang Palace with Yan Zhaojun!
After a deep breath,He slowly calm down。
This thing is really too much.,However, the details are pursued.,It is like a lawn.!
Look very ridiculous,However, it is an indisputable fact.。
For example,Have a grandmother, don’t take the zebra crossing road,I am going to fall in a tremble.,You don’t help you.?
If she is not a porcelain,You go to help,Can send her to opposite,But yourself have passed the road.,Violate the traffic regulations!
If you don’t help,The elderly do something in front of you.,For example, the vehicle who is not coming is not as follows.,Your conscience is inevitable。

Shaxi Hongyu: The rich people between the river and the sea are delicious

The farmers are feeding the red crickets, and the scientific name is sawing the crab. Because the shell is red after being cooked, it is commonly known as the red cricket.

Zhangzhou is located on the southeast coast and has a long coastline. It has always been rich in crabs, including red crickets, and the local historical history of Zhangzhou has been recorded in the past.

Hongyu is a characteristic industry of Shaxi Town (formerly under the jurisdiction of Zhangpu County) in Zhangzhou Gree Port Economic Development Zone.

"Shaxi Crab" has successfully applied for the registered national geographical indication. The town’s breeding area has expanded to tens of thousands of acres, with an annual output value of more than 60 million yuan. A major characteristic industry that helps rural rejuvenation.

The "Zhangzhou Mansion" of the Guangxu version of the people in the ordinary people records: 蟳, the back of which is wide in the back of the feet, the long ruler is long, and the shell retreats with the tide. "Zhangzhou City" records that the blue crab was originally a variety of marine fishing. In 1981, the three fishermen in Shaxi put the crab seedlings caught in the pool and finally developed a paste crab. Lin Zhouxing, deputy director of the Agricultural Forestry and Water Bureau of Gu Lei Port Economic Development Zone, said that Shaxi crab breeding has a long history. By the late 1980s, the fishing varieties and breeding varieties, that is, low -value shellfish or small miscellaneous mixed with sea and insects The fish is the feed, and the crab seedlings caught are made of crabs, and the breeding area is gradually expanded.

After decades of development, it has finally become a local specialty industry. Walk along the Shenhai Expressway to the exit of Gu Lei, and then follow the provincial highway for about 10 kilometers, and you can see the continuous crab pond. In the crab pond, the breeding households sat on a single small panel and threw the feed proficiently. The Shaxi Sea is Dongshan Bay inner Bay, and the Zhangjiang River is east of the west. It enters the sea in Xiapu and Xiazhai in Shaxi Town. It is a natural tide estuary. The quality of the soil, no pollution in the sea, and the abundant flora in microbial algae, are most suitable for crab growing. Many coastal villages such as Baisi Village, Shaxi Village, and Yutou Village in Shaxi Town are many of them. "My family has more than 3 acres of crab ponds, and 10,000 crab seedlings are placed per acre, and more than 40,000 crab seedlings are placed." Chen Guanghan, a villager in Baiyi Village, said that the crab seedlings were put in March each year. When it grows as long as 1 to 2 cm, you can sell some small crabs first, and only about 5,000 per mu can continue to be raised. By the end of autumn and the end of the year, normal one can grow to about 6 or two, and the maximum can grow to 1 to 1. The weight of the pound is not a problem with the annual income of 450,000 yuan. "There are more than 900 households and 3,600 households in Baiyi Village, and there are not many farmland. Aquatic fishing and breeding based on crabs are the main industries.

Chen Yongfeng, secretary of the Party branch of Baiyi Village, said that the benefits of breeding red acres are about 10,000 yuan, and the highest time can reach 20,000 yuan, and some fish and shrimp can be mixed in the breeding. Before March of the following year, you can also cultivate mud for a season to improve economic benefits. "The flavor of Shaxi crabs is unique, sweet and delicious, and rich in nutrients. The content of protein, fat, and carbohydrates is extremely high.

"Weng Huiling, a propaganda member of the Party Committee of Shaxi Township, said that in 2014, Shaxi Town successfully applied for the" Shaxi Crab "national geographical indication. In recent years, Shaxi Town attaches great importance to the development of the red cricket breeding industry and understands the breeding skills of red maggots in detail. And favorable environment, continuously increase investment and expand publicity, and achieve three major leaps of scale, technology and brands. There are nearly 10,000 people in the town, 56 major aquatic products processing and marketing.帆 Industrial development is not smooth sailing. The low survival rate of seedling cultivation and breeding has become the bottleneck and dilemma of industrial development. "Sauxiahong 蟳 is divided into two types of wild and breeding. Hundreds of fishermen are engaged in fishing and have a limited number of capture. "Chen Yongfeng said that wild red cricket fishing was cultivated in the pond in February and March; and from October to November, it was the finished crab fishing season. Ten tens of pounds are caught, and sometimes a few pounds are caught. In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer wild crabs.

In a crab seedlings in Baiyi Village, the owner Chen Baohui was looking at the crab seedlings. "This was artificially incubated by the crab eggs acquired from fishermen last month. You see, there are already small mung beans." Hong Wensheng, a member of the third -level director of the Shaxi Town and in charge of rural rejuvenation in Shaxi Town, said that under the current technical conditions, the major breeding farms in Shaxi Town have not yet been artificially breed of crab seedlings. The acquisition of crab eggs or crab seedlings in Zhejiang and Guangdong has limited the number of breeding. "There are some uncontrollable factors!" Hong Wensheng said that Hong Wan is very picky about the breeding environment. The water quality, water temperature, saltiness and even the wind direction of seedlings may affect the survival rate. One of the main reasons for water quality, which leads to a reduction in crab’s survival rate.

In recent years, relevant local departments have continued to rectify and protect the ecological environment and ecological waters. The water quality has improved, and the survival rate has gradually improved.

"The Gulei Development Zone attaches great importance to the development of the crab industry. The technology of green crab breeding has continued to improve, and farmers have also begun to transform from loose traditional breeding to organized scientific breeding." Zhou Xing said that Shaxi Town is taking advantage of the town to promote the advantage of rural revitalization, relying on the advantages of rich coastal breeding resources, optimize the size of the Shaxi crab breeding base, and accelerate the cultivation of large professional households, seafood cooperatives, seafood leading enterprises, seafood Social service organizations, improve the degree of organizationalization of business scale, follow the path of characteristicization, industrialization and technological development, promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of the special industries of Shaxi crab, and strive to increase the output value of more than 100 million yuan by 2025. (Xiao Zhenping Xue Min Ling Zhan Zhaoyu) (Responsible editor: Jiang Wehang, Chen Chuchu) Share more people see the client download.

“Pano feel good,That is good.,It’s not worried about it.。”

Cui brings slightly,Put your head in fish praise。
“He is really nothing to worry about。”
The book door is opened,Gao Biyi has come in,Scared the fish and praised the Cui brings,I am quickly kneeling,Keep a hoe,Face!
Some words,It is okay to talk about your heart.。
But take it out,That’s some are not suitable.。
Fish praise does not know what he said,How much is Gao Bi?。In short,This is some。
How does Gao Biyi walks without a voice?!
“I just arrived.,What do you say?,I haven’t heard it all.,So don’t have to be tight。”
Gao Bao made a eye on the fish,As for him, he heard it.,How much is it?,From this expression,Can there be countless possibilities。
But should not take a fish,At least will not。
“Lord Glagor,I don’t know what to tell.,If there is,Emoticate must do our best to do。”
Fish praised the cold sweat on the forehead。
He is really scared this time.。
“Thing,Still。But your husband and wife are busy on weekdays.,It’s hard to warm now.,Do you want me to give you a holiday for a while?”
“no, I’m fine,Gong,I don’t care in the government all day.,The whole person must be crazy.。”
Fish praise,Bi afraid Gao Biyi。
“You have time,Recently, I went to the New Xicheng to visit.。Jinyang Xianbei military households can settle in this,Almost a year,It is necessary to divide。
You record,Who is all in the top day?,Who is a bald,Who is unable to make a series,Always classify these messages,Send it here。
As for others,Don’t ask more,Try to low-key。I don’t want you to conflict with these people.,do you know?Everything must report,Do not deal with。
If it is as long as before,,I cut your hands first.,儆 especially!”
Gao Biyi said。
Don’t look at him very well on weekdays.,It is also modest to people。Can Gao Bo Yi sponsored,That is definitely important。Fish praise is very believed,If you don’t listen to this time,Not good,I really want to lose my life.。
Lose your hands,I will lose the value of dog legs.,Besides, Gao Bi will also worry about being cut by the fish.,So just the threat,Be real,Never bluff。
“Know about duty,What else is there??”
“Temporarily no。A family,In the future, you don’t want to move them.,understand?”
“Destructive,In the future, the main public said who,Who is gongwing?。”
Just in the front of Cui brother,Be careful at this moment, like a quail,What is Gao Boyi?,He is a toolman who is a feeling!
Waiting for a long time,I have been sitting and still moving,This is the softness of the whole body.,As if the whole body is exhausted,Hand is shaking。
“Praise……Is it very serious??”
Cui brother takes out sweat,Wipe the fish with cold sweat on your forehead and face。Who knows that fish praise?:“from now on,I really want to be old and old.……”
He has a terrible guess in his heart.,But I don’t dare to determine,I don’t even dare to think。
Puchacheng,Dou Yi is in patrolling city defense,I have to be the Spring Festival now.,Defense sergeant,It’s all soul,Heart flew early。Pucha City is different from the urinary military use of Military Tour in Hongnong City.,In addition to being a military head,Still the connection of the waterway and the node portal。
Very developed。
There are many inventions in the city.,Especially many flowing people。Can even be mixed with a fish dragon to describe。
Spring Festival approaching,People who buy new year goods in the city around Puchacou City are endless,This big city brings unlimited vitality。
Everything is safe,Everything is working properly,Dou Yi sighs,The original road returns to the government,Then lock yourself in the study。
Outstanding,Life is actually very boring,Especially the big town like Pu 坂,Not the front line,The possibility of encountering enemy is extremely small。

Non -necessary minimize travel across provinces! Anhui Disease Control Release Important Health Tips

The copyright of the text and pictures of all this reporter is owned by Xin’an Evening News. Any media, website or individual, may not be reproduced, link, reposted or replicated or published in other ways without authorization. Investigate legal responsibilities.

Xin’an Evening News Dahui News On March 10, Anhui Disease Control issued important health reminders. Recently, the domestic epidemic has shown multiple distribution and local outbreaks. The clustered new crown epidemic occurred in Shanghai, Qingdao, Lianyungang and other places, and the epidemic prevention and control situation was severe and complicated.

An Qing City and Suzhou City in our province have successively occurred in the province’s outbreak -related cases. At present, the main popular strains of the domestic epidemic are Omikon mutant strains. The mutant strain has the characteristics of strong infection ability, fast transmission speed, and more hidden communication.

In order to do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic in our province in accordance with the regulations and ensuring the health of the people of the general public, Anhui Disease Control issued the following important health reminders: those who live in the city where the cities where the epidemic occurred in the past 14 days, the personnel of the city where the city is located, arrives at the arrival of Anhui. Later, you must report to the community (village) and units (or hotels) as soon as possible, and actively cooperate with health management measures such as nucleic acid testing. In the near future, if you do n’t need to minimize cross -provincial travel, do not go to cities that have reported reports of positive infected people, especially cities that have exported output of the epidemic; The report (or the hotel where you lives) reports the personal protection during the period, and the nucleic acid test will be performed as soon as possible after returning. All agencies, enterprises and institutions are not necessary to hold clustering activities in the near future, do not invite people in the epidemic area to participate in meetings, etc., and restless employees will go to the city where the positive infected people are in the near future; Information, and actively urge it to conduct community reports and nucleic acid testing, and cooperate with the community to implement health management measures.

Continue to be the first responsible person of personal health and enhance personal protection awareness. 1. Persist in good personal hygienic habits such as hard -to -hand, wearing masks, constant ventilation, less gathering, using public chopsticks, and meal system. 2. Once symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, smell of smell, conjunctivitis, muscle pain, and diarrhea should be treated in a timely manner, and the 14 -day event trajectory and contact history should be informed. During the medical treatment, wearing a mask to avoid taking public transport.

3. In the absence of inoculation of contraindications, eligible residents who meet the conditions will be vaccinated as soon as possible, and after half a year after the whole process is completed, it will be vaccinated as soon as possible or enhanced or participated in sequential vaccination.

Edit Tao Na.

He is also waiting,Waiting for three years,Two years later in the spiritual challenge。

Start transfer array,A light flashes,The figure disappears in the stage。
Again,Already came to the mountainside of God。
Looking through the stone stone,There is a straight upward blueshishan road in front.,Straight through。
He accelerates speed up,The light car is going to the temple.,Broken nine songs,Come to the entrance to the temple。
Far away,See two familiar figures。
One of them is a green scale,Another person is guarding the Fengxi。
Obvious,The green scales have been commanded to wait.。
Qinglai is far away,“I didn’t expect that you really got the appreciation of the saints.,This is once again seen for a year.。”
The phoenix sitting next to the dish is also slowly standing up.,Summer lightly。
Summer walked to the past, smiled and greeted two people。
Chat with a few words,Feng Yan opened the ban,Rear rushed waterfall to abruptly disappear。
“There is a sister of the Triae.。”
Summer arches,即 and the green scale into the palace gate。
All the way,After passing the heavy temple,I came to the temple again.。
Qing scales and low sounds,Let summer enter。
Summer pushes,And close the temple door。
Deep place,Bead curtain shakes,A beautiful figure is slow。
“Buy that kind of jade?”
Left small fish hit the snow,It’s like a clear dust.,The exquisite face is a smile,Quiet look quietly。
Summer smile,Wrist,A jade box appears in the palm,“It is this jade,Dao Yunzheng”Left small fish lotus step payment,Jade box,Detail,After viewing,眉 is slightly surprised。
“It’s so magical jade.,I am not proficient in the system.,Also research。”
Paused,Left small fish,“I can’t understand a vast atmosphere fluctuation.,This jade is produced,It is very likely to with the help of Xuanjing。”
Summer eyes bright,“in this case,Maybe it is really useful。”
“I can try it for a while.。”
She also gave the jade to the summer.,I am looking forward to the eyes,“I hope that I can evolve the sky to help you all.。”
Summer is looking at nodded,Spirate,“I forgot last time.,Can you call your second yuan?。”
Narrate,Left little fish,嗔 嗔,“It seems that you still don’t believe that I am this respect.。”
Summary is slightly awkward,“Not”Left small fish smile,“I understand what you mean,What did you say?,There is also a secretation between this world.,Be called award,But this is the essence of the body and the second Yuan God.。”
Toned,Also,“simply put,Phaneousness is to use some special soul as a carrier,Monster、Constructs are feasible,Annihilate the consciousness in the soul,I’m dividing my own mind.,Plus control,This kind of secret is very drawbacks,E.g,The distance between the book and the difference cannot be too far away.,E.g,I am in the emperor,Just starting to start,Time long,A variation occurs,Let the original blank consciousness,Gradually have an independent consciousness”Left little fish patient is a summer solve,“so,This secretation,There will be this respect、Distinguish,And sometimes,Really accidental accident,I want to be my respect,An accidentally,Both maybe you die.。”
Merely,She laughed,“The second yuan god is not these drawbacks,So is called the magical pass,This is the second Yuan God,The second yuan God is also the present,Because the soul of the two is constant,Don’t appear anything to occupy the active passive。”
With the sound of the sound,The air of the left small fish is swaying。
then,Her body came out of a figure.。
Whether clothes dress, or a temperament,Example with the left fish,Summer smile at the same time。
“The second Yuan God is called the magical,Not only the surface is simple,It also involves a higher level of void。”
Speech,Left small fish’s own body,啵,Faintly broken。

Get 4 gold, 5 silver 6 copper and 6 copper Chinese delegation a day ushered in the "big outbreak"

Our newspaper, Beijing, March 11th (Reporter Wang Dong) On the 11th, the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games ushered in the collective "big outbreak" of Chinese players. In the finals of 13 small items throughout the day, they played and performed. In excellent, get 4 gold, 5 silver and 6 copper in one fell swoop.

At present, the Chinese team has won 47 medals of 14 gold, 14 silver, 19 bronze, and leading the gold medal and medal list.

The Chinese wheelchair curling team defeated the Canadian team 9-5 to enter the finals of the 12th. For the first time, the Chinese Paralympic Ice Hockey Team, which participated in the Winter Paralympic Games and performed bravely in the group stage, was in the United States. On the 12th, they will compete with the South Korean team for the bronze medal.

In the two centers of Zhangjiakou, the two centers in Zhangjiakou in the two centers of the two small items in the winter of Zhangjiakou. In the two men’s long -distance sitting position competitions in the winter, Chinese player Liu Mengtao won the championship. This is his in this book. The second gold in the competition. His teammate Liu Zixu won the bronze medal at this level.

Earlier, Liu Mengtao won the championship in the two men’s medium -distance sitting groups.

On the first competition day of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, he also won two bronze medals of two men’s short -distance sitting in the winter. Liu Mengtao told reporters after the game that he was not surprised to win this gold medal, because he knew that he would win before the game.

"Of course, it feels good to raise the national flag again and sing the national anthem." Liu Mengtao said.

In the two stadiums of the Olympic Olympic Winter, Chinese player Shan Yilin won the bronze medal of women’s long -distance sitting positions. Zhao Zhiqing won the silver medal of the women’s long -distance standing posture, and Yu Shuang won the bronze medal of the men’s long -distance vision group.

A total of three projects in the three projects on the 11th. The Chinese team won a total of 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 copper. Among them, in the women’s big turn stations, Zhang Mengqiu won the gold medal after two rounds of competition. This is her book. This is her book. The 4th medal harvest of the competition.

Earlier, she had won the gold medal in the women’s super -rounding stations, and she won the silver medal in the women’s slip -down standing position and the women’s all -around standing position competition.

In the Women’s Big Back of the Visarium, Zhu Daqing ranked second. In the women’s big sitting sitting group competition, Liu Sitong and Zhang Wenjing won the silver and bronze medals respectively. After the Gao Olympic Ski Women’s Big Return, Zhang Wenjing, a 19 -year -old teenager Zhang Wenjing who won the bronze medal in the sitting position, came to the interview area. Zhang Mengqiu gave her a deep hug. Zhang Wenjing cried excitedly. The two congratulated each other. A lot of people.

Chinese players performed in the four projects of the four -board skiing project of the Olympic Olympic Board: Wu Zhongwei won the gold medal of the men’s slope to turn around LL1, and Sun Qi won the men’s slope to turn the LL2 championship. In addition, in the women’s slope face -to -face LL2 -level competition, Chinese players Geng Yanhong and Li Tiantian won silver and bronze medals; Ji Lijia and Zhu Yonggang won the silver and bronze medals of men’s slopes. "Actually, before the second gliding, I knew that I had locked this gold medal, but I still decided to do my best. I just wanted to surpass myself." Wu Zhongwei told reporters after the game. In the end -of -the -end Ski Ski Men’s obstacle chasing LL1 competition on the 7th, he won a bronze medal. Wu Zhongwei, 27, came from Handan, Hebei. He had a left -leg amputation surgery at the age of 18. In 2015, Wu Zhongwei became a disabled bicycle athlete. In just 3 years, he was selected into the single -board ski team by cross -border cross -border and cross -border.

In order to make breakthroughs at the Beijing Winter Paralympics, he insisted on training for more than 10 hours a day. After winning the bronze medal a few days ago, he was determined to improve his achievements in the later games. Today, he finally did it.

Another single -board ski champion Sun Qi confidently told reporters: "(Competition) is not difficult for me.

"Sun Qi is a native of Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. He was born in August 1999. He started ski training in 2016. Since 2017, he has served as the captain of the Chinese Disabled Person Ski Team.

Earlier, he has achieved good results in the World Championships many times.

For the competition, he often said: "When you go to the track, rush forward!" On the afternoon of the 11th, the Winter Winter Paralympic Wheel Curling ended the semi -final competition. China defeated Canada 9-5 9-5 Team, successfully advanced to the final.

The Canadian team is the traditional strong team of the wheelchair curling project. The coach Yue refreshing the Canadian queue as one of the most competitive opponents in the Winter Paralympic Games. "Our goal is to fight the semi -finals." In the first two games, the two parties used one point for each hand; in the third game, the Chinese team made the opponent three consecutive fatal mistakes with excellent performance, scored 3 points in one fell swoop, and turned the score to 4 to 1.

The other party then recovered 2 points by using his hand. Since then, the state of the Chinese team has become better and better. The single game scored 3 points and 2 points in turn to expand the score to 9 to 3, laying the game victory. Although the Canadian team recovered 2 points in the seventh inning, it was still admitted in advance before the end of the game. The Chinese team entered the final with a score of 9 to 5.

The Chinese team will usher in a gold medal game on the afternoon of the 12th, and the opponent is the Swedish team. (Responsible editor: Wang Zhen, Lian Pinjie) Share let more people see recommended reading.

If Su Tu night is separated from some times,I can’t make this magic demon reached a purpose.。

But why did he come to the village of the foot?,Is the mirror be buried in him??
“The mirror is in this village.。”
Su Chen makes judgments。
“Mirror”Even if Su Chen is not used,He will not let it fall in others.。
“What else can you say?。”
“I will explain me.,Can you put me a way??”Young son gave birth to a hint。
“This can only make you less suffering。”Cold magic sound is very ruthless。
Young son is full of despair,But know the answer to the demon,In the magic road,It is compassionate.。
After all, according to the habit of their magic,Can it be so straightforward?,Will give each other a hope,Wait until the other party does not use the value,Let the other party die in difficult to imagine cruel.。
Only dead enemy,Is a good enemy。
Magic does not believe“Rao people and spare people”,Only recognize“Rush、Rush to kill”。
NS26chapter Give a gift
Young master is old and realistic to have a lot of magic secrets,Just in his position,Troubled at the core confidential,Especially things about mysterious smelters,He almost unknown。
He finished these events,Igniting magic fires,I hope to give myself a decent。If he is not honest,In front of the presence of Montenegro,There will be no chances of suicide.。
However, now Mishan old ancestors have not planned to give him a chance to commit suicide.。
Moment,Black shadow swallows the body of the young son。
This is the last sentence left by the young son.。
He went very quickly,It’s not as good as aware of some pain,I can’t hear the answer of Montenegro.。
“Your body is also worth。”
Devouring the young son,Black shadow gave birth to a happiness,It realizes that Su Tam has no interest in the new absorbed magic essence.,I thought I could pay for the energetic conversion of Xin Xi.。
Working with Su dust,There is still evolving、Powerful instinct。
Shadow condense,One makes people can’t see the face,The man in black magic appears in front of one person。
Xiao Xue is unrest, please,“Slavery,Harm the old ancestors,Also ask the old ancestor。”
“Your fault is not unfavorable,But you are too weak.。”Su Chen’s heart gives a familiar emotion,It seems to return to the capitalist,When employees do things,The first reaction is that it is insufficient.。
He will not make mistakes for the ability to have the ability,And will be angry with the subordinates of mistakes。
Thousands of military can easily see,The talents in his hands are relatively at their level.,Still too little。
Originally, the old ancestors don’t like cultivate,Alone,Once a big problem,The ending is very tragic。This is also a common problem of many big demon,Replenishing the world,I thought it was invincible in the world.,Can be horizontally,But people may not be willing to fight with you.。
Star Wheel Ming Wang, like Daxue Mountain Temple,Examples of alone and Montenegro of Montenegro are actually a few examples.。More, people are not only repaired,Also pull the Taoist friends of Sanshan Wuyue and their own disciples,After calculating the prefecture,A sentence“Evil,Everyone gets it”,Qi Qi hands。
Afterwards,Some people still don’t help ridicule,Demon generations do not know the days,There is this robbery。
The previous old ancestors just treat small snow as a maid pet.,Su Chen doesn’t like her to do vases and housekeepers.。
In the past, he needs to be closed.,Treatment of trouble,Naturally, there is no time to pay attention to,Now it is possible to take a hand to cultivate it.。
Xiao Xue heard the scold,Be more fearful。She thought that the old ancestors thought she was useless.,I am afraid that I am abandoned by the ancestor.,She is fighting:“After the slaves go back, they must double their efforts to practice.,Also ask the old ancestors to give the slave。”
Su Chen did not speak,The magic of the body is no wind,A shadow spread out and caged。
As next to Qing Hao, Mrs. He said is shocked。