How to find out the false propaganda of weight loss products

How to find out the false propaganda of weight loss products

In order to attract consumers’ attention, some weight-loss health foods will be kung fu under the exaggerated false propaganda of the products, but it is really true after all, the fake is after all, as long as the consumers open their eyes and see the exaggeration of these weight-loss health foods.False propaganda is not difficult.

Then, weight loss health foods have some common tricks in exaggerating false propaganda. How do we know about it?


hzh {display: none; }  第一招:减肥保健食品大肆宣传疗效不可信  在保健减肥食品宣传中,“立即见效” “无副作用” “茶+胶囊,双管齐下,减肥真快,立显奇效”等Words are often seen. In fact, as long as it involves the promotion of therapeutic effects, the weight loss promotion of these health foods can all be considered illegal.

我国《保健食品广告审查暂行规定》指出,“保健食品广告不得含有表示产品功效的断言,或者保证和含有使用该产品能够获得健康的表述,不得含有无法证实的所谓‘科学或研究发现’、‘实验或数据证明’等方面的内容,不得含有与药品相混淆的用语,不得直接或者间接地宣传治疗作用,或者借助宣传某些成分的作用明示,或者暗示该保健食品具有疾病治疗的作用”。It can be seen that these weight loss health foods are not credible as long as the propaganda contains an introduction to the treatment effect.

  The second measure: Daxie publicizes the unreliability of fast weight loss in the promotion of health diet food, “one and a half months can reduce 48 pounds” “6 days can reduce 2 pounds and a half” “January weight loss 30 pounds” “every day is thin, every dayThere are changes, and so on.

As the director of the China Life Science Association’s China office, the head of the China Obesity Working Group, former director of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Sciences, Chen Chunming said that the slight burning of the body is determined by many factors of the body and is a complex metabolic process.It is possible to complete a large amount of “burning” in a short time.

“One and a half months can reduce 48 pounds”, that is, diarrhea can not diarrhea so fast, unless it is morbid.

It can be seen that the promotion of weight loss is fast, and it is not scientific in itself. Of course, it is necessary to make a big question mark for such weight loss health food.

  The third measure: Daxie publicity price is low, the weight loss health food is not credible. Due to fierce market competition, some weight loss health foods have begun to make a big fuss about price promotion, “10 yuan money slimming big verification”, “30 yuan experience weight loss miracle”,”One less than three dollars a day, one pound down a day” and so on.

Fighting low prices is a manifestation of self-confidence in its own products, giving people the impression of “cheat and run”.

Experts pointed out that these weight-loss health foods that are free to make a fuss about the price, the technology content is generally too much, or add some drugs that have passed the patent protection period, just use some ancient medicine Chen Fang, no new technology.

Therefore, the weight loss effect cannot be guaranteed at all.

In the diet health foods that have no effect, spending less money is awkward, and may also damage health.

Therefore, for weight loss health foods that make a big fuss about price promotion, consumers must also keep a clear head.

  For young and middle-aged women who love beauty and love health, weight loss is an eternal hot topic, but weight loss is also a complicated project. To truly achieve the purpose of weight loss, rational attitude and scientific methods are indispensable.

Want to grow tall, how to do calcium supplements to help you

Want to grow tall, how to do calcium supplements to help you

Recipe one, egg yellow powder porridge, fresh egg, cooked to remove protein, leaving egg yolk.

The egg yolk is finely ground, added to the cooked rice porridge and mixed well, 1 day per day?
2 times.

Egg yolk is rich in lecithin, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A, a variety of lipids, color and flavor, suitable for infants and young children.

Recipe 2, pig liver egg fresh pork liver 50 grams, fresh eggs – one, rice 100 grams.

First, rice is simmered in the pot to the degree of flowering.

Make the pig liver into a mud, stir fry with a small amount of cooking oil.

The egg is made into egg flower, and put into the porridge together with the hot chicken liver to form a porridge, to be warm, seasoned and eaten, once every other day.

Pig liver is rich in high-quality protein, which can be calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A.

Eggs contain egg protein and egg globulin required for the growth of infants and young children, and calcium, phosphorus and other inorganic salts are also abundant, which is an ideal food for children.

Recipe three, pork bone spinach soup to take fresh pork spine 350 grams, 200 grams of spinach.

Wash the pork spine with water, chop it, add it to the casserole, add some water, first use the fire, then simmer for two hours; then put the washed spinach into the soup, cook for another 10 minutes, add seasoning, drinkSoup eats spinach.

Pork spine contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other inorganic salts. Spinach contains the corresponding enzymes, so it is better for supplementing inorganic elements such as magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Recipe four, chicken liver pig leg jaundice soup take 50 grams of fresh chicken liver, fresh pork leg bone 50 grams, 30 grams of astragalus, Schisandra 3 grams.

Cut the chicken liver into pieces for use; cut the pig’s leg bone into pieces and scutellaria, put the schisandra into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, first boil with martial fire, then simmer for one hour, then filter the bone residue and medicineSlag.

Then put the chicken liver slices into the cooked pork bone soup and cook them. Add the seasoning according to the taste. After the temperature, eat the chicken liver and drink the soup.

Chicken liver is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and multivitamins. Pig leg bones also contain calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium and other inorganic elements, together with scutellaria and schisandra, which are beneficial to protein, calcium and phosphorus.The absorption is very beneficial to the growth and development of children’s long bones.

Recipe 5, oyster broth takes 100 grams of fresh oyster meat, ginger style.

Put the oyster meat into the casserole, add a small amount of ginger, add appropriate amount of water, simmer into a thick soup with medium heat, add a small amount of seasoning, and drink oyster meat after warming.

Oyster meat is rich in protein, sugar, lipids and calcium, phosphorus and other inorganic salts and a variety of minerals, is a simple and feasible to promote the broth.

Recipe six, shrimp skin chopped egg chopped shrimp skin 5 grams, 50 grams of cabbage, 1 egg, seasonings and so on.

Wash the shrimp skin with warm water and soften it, then cut it to a very small amount; wash the cabbage slightly, then cut it to a very small amount; mix the shrimp skin, the end of the dish with the broken eggs, add less water; add some seasoningThe product is steamed on the pan or heated in a microwave for 3-5 minutes.

Shrimp skin is rich in calcium and phosphorus. It is a good food and should be accepted by the baby.

After the cabbage is boiled, it can remove some of the oxalic acid and phytic acid, which will be more conducive to the absorption of calcium. The benefits of eggs need not be said.

Such an egg tart can satisfy at least 30% of the whole-day protein requirement of the 6-month-old baby and 10% of the calcium requirement, which will add to the baby’s bone development.

Recipe seven, fish puree noodles to bone fish 20 grams, a bowl of chicken soup, half a tomato, 25 grams of dragon mustard.

Tomatoes are peeled and cut into small pieces, and the fish is salted and smashed; the hot bottom oil is fried, the tomatoes are fried, and then the chicken soup is added and seasoned; after the soup rolls, the noodles are placed, and then the fire is turned into small fish and slowly poured into the fish paste.When I saw it, I smelled the fresh flavor and turned off the fire.

Fish can make your baby grow taller, and it helps your brain develop and become smarter.

The ordinary noodles can also supplement the energy, vitamins and aunts that the baby needs for growth and development.

The child’s biggest bad eating habits are picky eaters and partial eclipse. Parents can’t rudely force their children to eat, but patiently introduce guidance, step by step, as long as they persist, so that children gradually change the bad eating habits of picky eaters.

I worked hard, I have no regrets.

I worked hard, I have no regrets.

The bitter ploughing of the spring before the piece of soil, laughing and picking the granules after the autumn.

Heaven pays, I work hard, I have no regrets!

  Spring is coming again, and at this moment of turmoil and blood, all our senior high school teachers gather here to cheer for June and cheer for the college entrance examination.

“The horn sounds urging people to enter, the drums are rumbling and lyrical.” When Wanmi raced to the 100-meter sprint, we heard the order to accelerate.

From now on, we must intervene in the college entrance examination review in the spirit of smashing the boat, and focus on the confidence of the college entrance examination, and the perseverance of perseverance to make up for the final battle.

  ”A bitter person, the sky is not lost; the salary is daring, three thousand more than A can swallow Wu.”

Classmates, fight hard!

I hope that in the last two months or so, you must do it: to invigorate the spirit, to be high-spirited; to give up distracting thoughts and to endure loneliness; to dedicate yourself to overcome difficulties; to race against time and study hard; to accept experience and learn lessons;Summarize methods; standardize operations, reduce errors; accumulate knowledge, improve ability; master skills and improve efficiency.

  ”Ten years of swords and swords today, the horses and horses are close, and a test of the front of the June Yang Yangmei good news.

“Students, in the past more than 900 days and nights, we have experienced the hardships of Shushan trekking, and tasted the bitterness of the sea bream.

Maybe in the monthly exam, you are the winner of the exam, so in the final sprint, I hope that you will be able to guard against arrogance and arrogance, to develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, to devote yourself to further achievements, and to make the beautiful flowers of March become the golden fruit of June.Perhaps you have been stunned, lost, and have been left behind in repeated climbs.

Take the setbacks as steps, be tenacious, be patient, and you will be happy with copyright.

Think of tempering as wealth, be more confident, be brave, and you will appreciate the heroicness of the vast sky.

“The sea is boundless by the sea, and the mountain is the top of the mountain.” As long as we continue to pursue and work tirelessly, we will be able to make our dreams come true.

  ”Gan will be bloody when it rains, and the peach blossoms will be red.”

Here, I would like to thank the predecessors who have fought in the front line of teaching in the third year of high school. It is your discarding, no regrets and no regrets to achieve the glory of Tieyizhong yesterday. Thanks to the young and middle-aged teachers who have quietly paid and thought deeply, you are obsessed.Pursuit, tenacious struggle to release the hope of Zhiyuan Middle School today.


Let us join hands and work together in the same boat.

Continue to carry forward the spirit of being a school and be a teacher.

Sincere unity, cooperation; unified deployment, coordination steps; painstaking research, eager to prepare lessons; common improvement, common progress, and jointly create the brilliant tomorrow of Zhiyuan Middle School.

  Children are the whole world, and the growth of children includes the patience, care, love and pains of every parent.

The children’s college entrance examination entrusted the expectations and dreams of each parent.

In the crucial moment of preparing for the college entrance examination, I hope that parents can help children adjust their mood, peace of mind, healthy eating, work and rest, and easy to take.

  Good winds borrowed power, when Zhou Jiyu Hai Naibo; my heart flies, will hear nine days.

The finals of the college entrance examination, Fang Xian heroes.

Classmates, come on!

We are sincere and pragmatic, diligent and thoughtful, and do our best to prepare for the college entrance examination; our ambitions and enthusiasm are full of enthusiasm for the success of June.

Insufficient qi and blood have some signs to remind you

Insufficient qi and blood have some signs to remind you

When people bring up blood, people will think that it is a very mysterious thing, and Chinese medicine says that “the gas is full of blood”, the blood is turbid and turbid, running in the meridian, is the material basis of women’s menstruation, pregnancy, production, and milk.

If you run out of blood, it will easily lead to qi and blood disorders, affecting the rush, and even gynecological diseases.

What is the warning of the lack of blood?

The signs of qi and blood deficiency have a certain deterioration. If you have a black hair before, but the hair has deteriorated a lot recently, there are dry, yellow, broken hair, hair loss, then it may beCaused by insufficient supply of blood.

2 menstrual abnormalities are suspected to women, and whether the blood is redundant can be recognized from the menstrual period.

If you have a decrease in menstrual flow and symptoms of dysmenorrhea, you should pay attention to blood and nourishment, because lack of blood can cause blood and blood to be blocked, which will cause menstrual abnormalities.

3 people with dizziness, tinnitus and qi deficiency will have symptoms of dizziness and tinnitus. This is because the normal operation of the brain requires gas and blood to promote each other and work. If the body is not full of blood, the blood supply to the brain will appear.The problem, dizziness and tinnitus at this time is also the most common symptom.

4 Frequent fatigue, a friend reacts, I obviously sleep 8 hours a day, always feel tired?

This may be due to lack of blood.

Experts remind that lack of blood will make people feel that they have no spirit, vitality, and then they will feel more tired than ordinary people.

5 hands and feet cold in all seasons, hands and feet are always cold and ice must pay attention to the problem of blood, Chinese medicine believes that the hands and feet belong to the extremities of the extremities, if the body is not enough blood, then the blood supply to the body ends will have problems, the blood can not flow here,Naturally it will be cold and cool.

Insufficient blood will cause these injuries. 1 The heart is the most basic to maintain the health of the human body, but do you know?

Insufficient qi and blood can cause problems such as palpitation, palpitations, shortness of breath, etc. If the blood supply to the heart is problematic, people are also vulnerable to life threats.

At this time, people can eat more qi and blood food to promote the normal operation of blood and blood in the body, so as to avoid heart injury.

2 injured Chinese medicine believes that “hepatic main blood”, if the blood is insufficient, then the liver will also be hurt.

Studies have shown that the occurrence of excessive liver disease is related to lack of blood, then want to make the liver healthy, it is recommended that people pay attention to sleep at night, and raise blood and liver when sleeping.

3 If the person with impaired blood is insufficient, the liver will not be able to detoxify normally. The bilirubin can not be metabolized in time, which will lead to bilirubin blockage, yellowish hoarseness and rough skin.

Therefore, the first step in improving the skin is to make up the blood.

4 Injury and blood are like the sun, continuously conveying conduction and energy to the body, ensuring smooth blood, and people with blood deficiency can not get the energy given by blood. The body has formed cold and dampness, which can easily lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis., irregular menstruation.

In addition, breast hyperplasia, in fact, is insufficient blood.

There are a lot of meridians distributed on the breast. If you have insufficient blood, blood and blood disorders, blood stasis will be qi stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm and blood stasis will be trimmed into breast hyperplasia.

“Women’s Daquan Liangfang” once mentioned: “This is a liver and spleen anger, qi and blood rupture, the name of the milk rock”, clearly clarified that the cause of breast disease is also a blood problem.

The qi and blood diet treatment program black rice nourishing blood porridge everyone knows that black rice, longan and red dates are good things for qi and blood, and then with the high nutritional value of yam, the beauty and beauty effect is more significant.

  Practice: black rice into the pot and add appropriate amount of water to boil, turn to low heat to cook until eight mature, add longan, red dates, yam into a thick porridge, add brown sugar to taste.

Angelica red jujube ribs soup said that women are made of water, often drink soup and water, can maintain skin elasticity, glow and radiance.

  Practice: Add the ribs washed with blood to the casserole, add onions, ginger slices, angelica, medlar, red dates, turn to low heat after the fire is boiled, stew until the ribs are smashed, add salt, and season with chicken.

Double red pumpkin blood soup Many female friends have troubles of dysmenorrhea, in addition to maintaining a good mood, a reasonable diet can not be ignored.

This double red pumpkin blood soup can help you solve the troubles of the physiological period, often eat or supplement nutrient gas to make the face ruddy and maintain skin elasticity.

  Practice: Wash the chopped sweet potatoes, red dates, and pumpkin into the clams, add water and simmer until the pumpkin is cooked.

Other concentrated, with Angelica, Chuanxiong, safflower, Rehmannia, peach, Polygonum, Chinese wolfberry, Ejiao, Salvia and other traditional Chinese medicine and blood supplements such as red dates, longan meat, hawthorn, spinach, carrot, black fungus, black sesame, pig liver, pig blood, black chicken, brown sugar, etc., carefully and delicious medicated diet, a series of very good regulation of endocrine, nourishing effect.

What are the common symptoms in the early stage of trachoma?

What are the common symptoms in the early stage of trachoma?

What are the common symptoms of trachoma early?

In fact, many people do not know what kind of disease is this trachoma, but only know that trachoma is an ophthalmology disease.

In fact, trachoma is a parasite of eye diseases, which generally occurs on the conjunctiva. The common symptom is that there will be a rough appearance. So, is there some form of symptoms in the early stage of trachoma?

For more details, please read the following information.

Symptoms of early trachoma 1, suffering from foreign body sensation, tears.

2, sacral conjunctiva and sacral conjunctiva congestion, blood vessels blurred, nipple hypertrophy, follicular hyperplasia, scar formation gray-white line or mesh.

3, corneal vasospasm.

Early signs of trachoma 1, blood and blood vessel blurred: due to vasodilatation, diffuse lymphocytes and plasma cells infiltrated under the conjunctival epithelium, so that the transparent conjunctiva becomes turbid and hypertrophic, the blood vessel contour is unclear, showing a fuzzy congestionshape.
2, nipple hypertrophy: 睑 睑 睑 睑 面 面 面 , , , , , 粗糙 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑 睑

3, filter hyperplasia: is the conjunctival subepithelial tissue on the basis of diffuse infiltration, formed by confined lymphocytes.

At the initial onset, the upper conjunctiva appears scattered in the fine yellow-white dots, not prominent on the surface of the conjunctiva, and is intermingled between the hypertrophic nipples, which is one of the early diagnosis of trachoma.

The above is to introduce some symptoms about the early stage of trachoma, I believe that after reading, the understanding of trachoma will be more clear.

In fact, trachoma is a very common disease in life. Some people do not know how to use the eye, it will lead to the emergence of this disease.

If you find yourself with symptoms of trachoma, be careful not to rub your eyes and treat them accordingly.

Old people are vegetarian for a long time.

Old people are vegetarian for a long time.

In the past, there was an article on the health that the elderly could not be vegetarian. However, through the investigation of the TCM health nets, a large number of elderly people began to realize that greasy food can cause obesity and cause many diseases. Therefore, many elderly people are vegetarians.I have a soft spot, and some old people don’t eat meat all the year round.

This is actually a kind of misunderstanding.

Simply taking a vegetarian diet can lead to an imbalance in the proportion of food ingredients, which can also cause many diseases.

Studies have shown that nearly half of elderly patients with gallstones are caused by simple vegetarian diet.

  Long-term vegetarians, first of all, insufficient intake of lecithin or decreased liver synthesis; fragments of plant fiber in vegetarian diet, reduced reabsorption of bile acid, and lower concentration of bile salts; secondly, vitamin A and vitamin E in vegetariansLack of it leads to easy transfer of gallbladder epithelial cells, which causes sedimentation to form stones.

  Many older people generally believe that the increase in plasma, elevated blood lipids, increased risk of cholelithiasis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases after eating a large number of adults is correct.

However, another factor in the pathogenesis of gallstones depends on the solubility of the baseline in the bile.

Normal human cholesterol and bile salts in bile, lecithin mixed and dissolved in a certain ratio, it is not easy to form stone precipitation.

This ratio is generally: bile salt plus lecithin / cholesterol should be 12:1, if less than this ratio, there may be gallstones.

  Therefore, regular vegetarian diet is not the best choice for the health of the elderly.

Older people should be reasonably estimated.

In order to achieve the advantages of disease and disease, it is necessary to combine health and longevity.

Another point is to pay attention to how vegetarians can supplement their nutrition.

Clearing away heat and heat melon soup to integrate into the family

Clearing away heat and heat melon soup to integrate into the family

The summer climate is hot and it brings all kinds of discomfort to the human body.

One of the basic ways for people to get through the summer in a healthy way is to take dietary conditioning and give them adequate and reasonable nutritional supplements.

The summer diet requires clearing, and the soup is very suitable for this requirement, because the soup can be made light and palatable, and it can replace nutrients.

In the hot summer, some of the hot and cold soups at the time of eating, the appetite is wide open, and the heart is refreshing, its nourishing effect can be said to be unique.

The following dishes are always hot, cool, prevent the effects of certain summer diseases, and practical, easy to obtain raw materials, very suitable for families.

  Green Vegetable Soup This soup is made with the same dish as rice soup. It has a unique flavor and a delicious taste. It can quench the thirst.

  500 grams of tender green leaves, 1000 ml of rice soup, 25 grams of lard, 10 grams of refined salt, 2 grams of MSG, 5 grams of green onion.

  The method of washing the leaves of the vegetables and draining the water.

Put the pot on the fire, the next lard is burned to 50% or 60% heat, stir the vegetables slightly, stir the rice, add the salt, wait until the greens are cooked, the next MSG, chopped green onion, stir well and serve.

  Cucumber Sansi Tang This soup is a summer-style home-cooked soup. It is light and savory. It can nourish and quench the thirst. It can supplement the body’s salt, and it is suitable for the summer.

  250 g of tender cucumber, 100 grams of green cabbage, 750 ml of fresh soup, 2 g of refined salt, 1 g of MSG, 5 g of green onion, 50 g of kelp.

  The cucumber is peeled and washed, cut into 7 cm long and 5 mm wide thick silk; the green vegetables are rinsed with water and cut into silk; the kelp rises, washes and cuts into silk.

Put the pot on the fire, add fresh soup, kelp, kimchi first boil, then add the cucumber silk to boil, add salt, MSG from the pot, sprinkle with chopped green onion.

  Lettuce radish sour plum soup This soup is sweet and sour, can clear away heat and detoxification, thirst, and has therapeutic effects on summer heatstroke, irritability, and throat.

  1 carrot, 1 lettuce, 4 plums, 50 grams of white sugar.

  The method of peeling carrots and lettuce is peeled, washed and sliced for use.

Wash the plum, and put it into the pot together with the carrot slices. After adding water to boil, switch to medium heat, cook the lettuce slices, add sugar to taste, and beat the floating foam.

  Ham Winter Melon Soup This soup is delicious and delicious. It is a summer mushroom soup that can remove damp heat, cool off the stomach and strengthen the stomach, so that the energy is abundant and the urine is smooth.

  1000 grams of melon, 50 grams of ham, 3 grams of salt, 5 grams of chopped green onion, 1 gram of MSG, 1 gram of pepper, 1000 ml of water.

  The method of washing the ham meat twice with warm water, the whole piece is steamed and then cut into thin slices; the melon is peeled, peeled, and cut into long pieces of suitable size.

Put the wok on the fire, boil the lard until the ripening of the five or six, pour the melon, add the salt and stir fry for 2 minutes, then put the ham slices and water, boil for 10 minutes or so, until the melon is soft and rotten, put the MSG, chopped green onion, pepper, served in a large soup bowl Serve.

A leisurely trip to Macau, a happy walk

A leisurely trip to Macau, a happy walk

You can take a quick walk on foot and have a leisurely trip on foot.

You can do it in Macau.

  When you are strolling in Macau, you must go to Asia-Africa to shelter Lu Da Ma Road, which is the new road in the Macao population. It is the main street in downtown Macau. There are many museums and churches, and there are many places to go.It has a special restaurant, and there are traces of life of native Portuguese people everywhere.

The special population of native Portuguese refers to people born and living in Macao with Portuguese descent.

They have their own diet, marriage customs, religious and cultural characteristics, have their own way of life, and even developed a special food called “local Portuguese cuisine”, mainly Goa and Malaysian flavors, and of course a little Chinese cooking.influences.

This kind of food is divided into Chinese food, which is divided into Portuguese food, and a unique food that mixes different local flavors.

Today, this kind of food has become an irreplaceable tasting project for traveling to Macau.

  From the Dutch Garden Road to the right, you can see a row of buildings built in the 1920s.

These buildings have been restored and are now home to government departments such as the Central Library, the Historical Archives, and the Tower Stone Health Center.

The Central Library Building and the Historical Archives Building are typical of the Macao aristocratic family.

In 1982, the project won the PATA (Asia Pacific Tourism Association) award.

  Known as Taipa in Portuguese, it is a place name in Macau and one of the three parts of Macau.

In Zizi, there are five small buildings built in the early twentieth century, which are very famous.

The first small building of Aberdeen is the home of the native, the old residential museum, which houses Chinese and Western furniture from the early 19th century to the twentieth century, revealing a traditional Macao native Portuguese family.Living environment.

Its second small building is the home of the island. The exhibits are mainly based on pictures and models to introduce the changes of the children and road rings in the past 100 years.

The third building is the home of the Portuguese region, which displays the national costumes of the ten main regions of the Portuguese mainland and surrounding islands, as well as handicrafts, literature and pictures of each ethnic group.

The fourth building is a multi-purpose exhibition hall called the Antique Exhibition and other cultural events.

The last building is the Guest House, which is opposite some of the amphitheatre for small concert performances.

The special reminder is that the museum here is closed on Monday, so if you visit, remember the date!

  In the Guia Mountain in Macau, there is St. Augustine Church and St. Lawrence Church.

St. Augustine’s Church was built in 1586 by the Austin priests. The church is dedicated to the crucifixion of Jesus. Every year the icon of the suffering of Jesus departs from St. Augustine’s Church and cruises along the city.

The altar of St. Laos’s temple is quaint and dignified, and the roof is a Chinese-style gold tile.

Along the right side of St. Lawrence’s Church to the Windsor Hall, there is the St. Joseph’s Abbey Church (built by the Jesuits). The layout of the church is a Latin cross. The top is a dome. The church is filled with a sacred box.Placed in St. Francis?

Shab’s arm bones, St. Francis?

Shabhu died in Shangchuan Island in the south of Macau.

  Channelli, the most famous painter in China’s coastal areas, arrived in Macau in 1825 after his painting art succeeded in Britain and India.

He has since been engaged in his artistic creation in Macau.

Among them, the Dove Nest Park and its nearby fort and St. Paul’s Church are often the scenes under the Chanelly brush.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Renci Hall, is often the backdrop for Channelly’s sketches and watercolors (children on the street, street hairdressers, street vendors and animal “pigs”).

In short, the name of Chennai can be seen as an artistic symbol of the era of Macao.

  An arrogant name for the mad hall.

There are not many people in this alley, but it is very tasteful. It is an alley that condenses art and pride. When you go there, there will always be a feeling of emotion floating around your heart.

It is a feeling, or it is moving.

  There are many restored and refurbished European-style buildings in the Crazy Lane Lane, once considered a noble place with elegant furnishings and gorgeous balconies.

  At the top, the area of Macao has almost doubled. It is one of the new districts in the new reclamation.

The new reclamation area of the Outer Harbour has become the center of Macau’s nightlife, where restaurants and bars are open all day.

  If you are walking around here, you can start at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

From the hotel’s fitness center to a garden, there are some small lakes and stone carvings in the flower beds. The front side of the road along the coast is the Macao Cultural Center (the huge flying dragonfly on the top of the building). Next is Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Da Ma Road.The transparent jazz space (Jazz Glass House) on the beach is followed by Guanyin.There is a wide boulevard facing Guanyin, here is Song Yusheng Park.

After crossing the park, it is the Friendship Road. Turn left to the Art Park. After crossing the Friendship Road, Hexian Park.

Going out from the right side of the park is Gaomeishi Street and walks along Gomes Street to the tourist activity center.

In short, the feeling of watching along the road in Macau is very pleasant.

  The wine is not afraid of the deep alley.

Like wine, food is the same.

The alleys are just like the food.

  A small street of 500 meters in Guanye Street is a typical narrow street in Macau.

Both sides are densely packed, but they are the places where diners must go.

Those who have come to Macao, and then mention the official street will also be embarrassed.

Because the food on Guanye Street is really too exciting.

Especially when eating piglets.

Looking up, around the front and rear, all in one, burying a delicious pork chop.

The scene is quite spectacular.

Put ginger in the tea, good health

Put ginger in the tea, good health

Ginger contains a variety of active ingredients, with detoxification, anti-inflammatory, dehumidification and blood circulation, warm stomach, stop vomiting, eliminate body waste and other effects.

  Science has confirmed that ginger also has the effect of inhibiting cancer and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

The essence extracted from ginger can also be used to treat migraine, mobility disorders and arthritis.

  Chinese folks have long had the habit of drinking ginger tea.

Wash 10 g of ginger and cut into five equal portions. Cook with 5 10 g of tea and 300 ml of water for 5 to 10 minutes. Separate the dregs and tea, add 30 g of rock sugar and mix well.

  This kind of ginger tea may drove away a mild cold once, and the severely ill person once a day for three days, no longer runny nose, cough, fever, sore throat, headache; easy to catch a cold can also be every three daysDrink once to prevent it.

  If you are frequently constipated, you can’t move and get tired. Drinking homemade ginger tea can be laxative and full of energy.

  Ginger can treat motion sickness boats, disgusting.

Experts recommend drinking a cup of ginger tea before boarding the boat.

The practice of this ginger tea is: take a finger of a piece of fresh ginger, peeled, diced, add some sucrose into the cup, pour into boiling water, soak for 15 minutes.

Do not use ginger wine because the ginger is too low.

Happiness is determined by yourself, isn’t it?

Happiness is determined by yourself, isn’t it?

Spiritual Messages In any case, if you choose to find positive aspects of things, you will feel happy; if you choose to focus on negative aspects, you will suffer.

Because happiness itself depends to a large extent on the decisions you implement.

I was not a very happy child before. Like most teenagers, I am always immersed in my troubles.

However, one day, I suddenly became more and more open: no one is likely to be unhappy. It does not require any courage to work hard. The real challenge is that you try to make yourself happy.

Perhaps many people have never heard of it, and happiness requires hard work.

We usually think that when the good things that we have difficulty controlling come, the happiness will follow.

However, the truth is just the opposite: in part, we control happiness ourselves.

Happiness is the result of trying to lead, not the result of waiting.

To make life happier, we must sweep away some stumbling blocks. Here are three of them: women are happy with balloons.

Compared with others on the wooden floor, most people like to compare with people who think they are more happy than themselves – relatives, acquaintances, or people we don’t know.

I have met a young man, and his great success and happiness make me envious.

He said that people love their beautiful wife and daughter very much, and they are happy to be a radio talk show host in their favorite city.

I remember thinking that he was one of the few lucky ones, and everything was so easy.

Then we have cancer, he told me that he is grateful for its existence, because a lot of information about sclerosis can be found online – his wife has been suffering from this serious disease.

I still remember now that I was foolish enough to think that his life was not unpleasant.

Happiness and Free Perfectionism Almost everyone has some predictions about their lives, but the problem is that people’s work, spouses and children rarely achieve the desired situation.

Take my personal experience: I have never been divorced in my family before, and I also think that marriage is a lifetime.

So, when my wife and I divorced after my son was born three years later, I also felt that the whole world had collapsed. I decided that I was a loser.

Later, I complained to the remarried wife Fran: I think that my family life has failed, and this feeling has not been solved.

She asked me, is there any problem with my current family (including her and her ex-husband’s daughter, my son)?

I must admit that except for only half of my time with my son, I feel painful (my share of custody with my ex-wife), and our family life is very happy.

“So, why are you not lucky?”

She asked.

I am deciding to do this, and it must be that I have to clear the “perfect family” on the subject.

The “missing bricks” syndrome is staring at a flaw that can greatly ruin happiness, just like looking up at the ceiling, paying attention to only the place where a tile is missing.

As a bald man told me: “Whenever I walk into a room, all I see is hair.

“One of the most important examples I have spent studying a few years of research is that people feel happy and have little to do with their living conditions.”

Just contact the reality, this name will be there.

We all know that some people’s lives are relatively comfortable, but they are not happy: we also know that some people have stepped on great pains, but they are still very happy.

The first secret is the heart of gratitude.

All happy people are grateful, but those who are not grateful do not feel happy.

We believe that unhappy people will repeat it blindly. In fact, it makes people unhappy.

The second secret is to realize that happiness is a by-product of other things.

The main root of happiness is the pursuit of the purpose of our lives – from studying insects to playing baseball.

We have more passion and we will realize more happiness.

Finally, I believe that some eternal will transcend us, and our existence has greater significance, which will help us enjoy more happiness.

We need spiritual or religious beliefs, or a philosophy of life.
Your philosophy of life should include this accepted truth: if you choose to find positive aspects of the facts under any circumstances, you will feel happy; if you choose to focus on negative aspects, you will suffer.
Happiness itself, to a certain extent, the decisions you make.