Listening to the deer people talking about her daughter,Mao Dongzhu also loosened,Originally she is expected,Although my daughter is very likely to be ruled,She also can’t say it.,But it will definitely be persecuted after the fake……

After the time being saved,I also heard that Jianning Princess is married to Pingxi Wangfu.,Mao Dongzhu is still worried,But these obviously can’t talk to Kangxi。
Now listen to this deer,Mao Dongzhu put a lot of half,What is afraid of Pingxi King and the court,See this relationship,It will not be difficult to build.?
Chu Deer did not think,I saw a good play I have.,Fool“Pick”To the red flag《Forty-two chapters》。
Now there are five fragments in your hands.,Just like Murong Jiu,You can put together the fragmentation of eight!
Chu Deer did not think,Just May 12,Murong Jiu has arrived at Beijing——Originally on May 15th,It is the estimate of Chu Deirers.、Murong 9 after the message,Days coming at full speed。
Looking at the Murong, the dust servant,Chu Deirers also feel,Human potential is really unlimited……
“With red flag,Is it found??”After Murong, I saw the Chu Deirers.,The first sentence asked the book。
“Clue,Sheepskin debris I have found it.。”Chu Debans truth。
“Why haven’t there a clue?……what?found it?”Murong Jiu Wen said with a highlight,I am busy making the Chu Deiren.,She wants to start fighting。
Chu Deirers will give her fragment first.,After that, Murongjiu is fighting,Chu Deirers asked:“if……I am saying that if,You got the Northeast Dragon,What can I do??After the clearance,The overall situation is from,Outside people don’t hide,Almost all are Manchurians,The family of Xiangbei people will not buy。”
“In the future。”Murong Nine does not lift,Simple and rude reply。
“Cough,In fact, I have a good way.。”Chu Deer said with temptation。
“any solution?”Murong nine did not take a sentence,Take a look,Afterwards:“Don’t touch my legs,Fight!”After the end of the finish and bowed。
“If the Dragon is successful,Can give me a big brother to absorb!”Chu Deiren’s tone is very constructive。
“Oh。”Murongjiu started not to pay attention,After that, he fierce:“what?”
“I think,If you can get a dragon pulse,That is still handed over to my big brother,Can play the effect……Side, even if you got the Dragon End,It is impossible to be invincible——Human time,If you are not convinced by Manchu,Even the enemy,Cannot be called outside。”
“Instead of you……When Nan Shaolin,You will go to your big brother,Now you still……no!”Murong Jiu resolutely opposed。
“I haven’t finished it yet.,Treasures in other dragon veins,We are definitely pulling it back.,And wait for the big brother to take the town of Manchuria……In fact, I still have other ideas.。”
Sure enough, Murong Jiu is the least admiring——In fact, if the Chu Deirers say they want to absorb themselves,Murongjiu may just be troubled,But let the outsiders can’t accept this.。
Chapter 1,192 Converge
May 13,Eastern unbeaten and invited month、Pity star has also arrived。
Sure enough, what is the unbeaten?,Otherwise she is close to,From the black wood cliff to the Man Beijing,Why shouldn’t you be with an invitation?、Pity star。
“So what have you do in these days??”Inviting the moon to see the sheepskin puzzle that has no contour,Can’t help but frown。
“This thing is even more beautiful than imagination.。”Chu Deirers are very serious and distressed。
These days, the Chu Deirers are not dry.,It’s hard to fight!
Nurhachi didn’t think,Is the possibility that the poster can’t fight??
“Humph。”Murong 9 snorted。

I heard this,The palace is even more hesitant.,Disgoes,If Liao Wenjie is to cancel the marriage,It is best to die this heart.。

He fights for life.,Death on the column,Will n’t let Liao Wenjie succeed!
Become a legend in Hong Kong
Chapter 467 I don’t want to come to a big sister.Pocky
“Tuang master,Come to you tonight,There is a very important thing。”Two cups of tea,Liao Jie put down the tea cup,Start enter the topic。
“It is really important”
Tongyong Yale looked at the luxury tea box,Sigh:“Mr. Kurosaki,I know what you want to say.,I also know that you don’t care if I agree.,But I still have to say that you are forgiving.!”
“No way,This important thing is refused,Thanks to your predecessor leader,There is no big view。”Liao Jieqi,Time to do so,Doubt this bad old man is a spy in Hellan inserted.。
“It is because of the predecessor leader of the demonstrator.,Departure from the overall situation,I will choose to refuse。”
The palace is ruthless:“Not just me,The current leader is also the same,Mr. Blackazaki doesn’t have to say,I can tell you very responsibly.,Retreat this thing is never possible。”
Liao Jie:`′;
It is also a big family that is inherited in the future.,Anuo gold,Say a few,So he doesn’t spit anything.。
Aiming on the tea box on your eyes,Liao Jie roughly understands what,Make a punch,Give yourself full of tea,Slowly:“Tuang master,Seven days no,Six days later is the whole eclipse,Regarding this matter,Do you have any wind??”
“I will listen to this.,Tomorrow, the magistrate family held an emergency meeting,The demonstrators of the decentralized neon areas will arrive at Tokyo headquarters,The specific situation is not in the phone.,Only mentioned the prophecy of the shallow witch。”
Speaking of which,The palace is ridiculous.,Test:“Mr. Kurosaki,What you mentioned,Is it about full-term etch??”
“What do you think?”
“Uh,I think this is never possible.。”
Two people have a big eye,Because the Tong Palace Yali is blinking,Born to occupy an advantage,Liao Jie’s eyebrows are so fast that,No-speechless:“seriously,Chatting with you, talking, you are really tired,A punctuation,You can write a reading understanding。”
“Mr. Kurosaki said。”
The palace is rushing to wipe the sweat name as embarrassing,Be very embarrassed。
Really Liao Jie belt gift,Monster,He can’t accept it for a while.,Think that Liao Jie is not well,This is only another place.。
“lets change a topic,Problem,The shallow witch who will predict”
Liao Jie is serious:“Is she pretty?”
“Very beautiful!”
Tongyong Ya Le nodded,Conscientiously:“When I was young,One thought she is the most beautiful woman in the world。”
“What,I will ask questions.,no other meaning,Don’t answer so serious。”
Liao Jie wiped the cold sweat on the head,road:“Seriously,No joke,What did this witch grandmother predict?,Meteorite?Cooperative universe pirate?Wang Dayin?”
The palace is unknown, so,Straightforward:“Phone says these unsafe,I am with Nair,See you in the headquarters as soon as possible,That again。”

Wang Youcai finished,Just withdraw。Chen Feng followed two steps up and said:“Boss Wang!Xia Jian in your village is back to Pingdu,Do you know this?”

“I really don’t know about it”Wang Youcai whispered,Actually he lied on purpose。He participated in the election for the mayor of Xiping Village,How could he not know if Xia Jian came back??
Chen Feng laughed as soon as he heard it:“I can tell you,Our chance is here,Now in Pingdu, my brother Chen Jiang has the final say。And the mayor of Pingyang Township,Privately, our relationship is also extraordinary。So as long as we two join hands,Isn’t it a trivial matter to clean up Xia Jian?”
“That’s a good relationship!Think about it first,Wait for a plan,Let’s work together again”Wang Youcai said,Just take two steps。As soon as he heard Chen Feng say that Pingdu City is now his brother,I can’t help but get confused。What happened to this??
Wang Youcai came out of the TV station,He couldn’t help but slow down。He couldn’t believe this Chen Feng,If he calls the police,Isn’t he a turtle in the urn?。
Wang Youcai, this thief,He walks a few steps,I got into an alley in a flash。Then drilled two more horizontally,Found no one behind,Only then slowed down。
For Wang Youcai, Pingdu,He knows all the streets。These twists and turns,When he walked on the road, he found out,Go by yourself,Crossing half a flat city。
Stand on the side of the road and take a look,Found this place is not far from where Chen Xiaoju and Xu Lihong live,Thought for a while,Wang Youcai thinks this place is temporarily safe for him。
Tossing down this week,It’s ten thirty。Wang Youcai still dealt with two people at Yao Chunni’s house at noon,Until this time,He felt thirsty and hungry。
There happened to be a small shop on the side of the road,Wang Youcai looked around,I found no one behind me,Then I walked in gently,He bought two bottles of beer,Asked for a box of biscuits,And two chicken drumsticks。This is his dinner,The restaurant came too late for dinner,Secondly, he was afraid of meeting acquaintances。
I walked to the gate of Chen Xiaoju’s rental house,Wang Youcai reached out and pushed,Found a lock on the door。It seems that these two women are out。
This is really hard,I wanted to sleep in a place here,It seems bad luck,He just thought of another way。Suddenly Wang Youcai’s eyes penetrated the gap in the door,I found lights on in two houses just west of。This means someone is inside!Why did you lock the door from outside??
Wang Youcai is a little puzzled,He lay on the gap in the door,Whispered inward:“Xu Lihong!Xu Lihong…”Wang Youcai yelled several times。
I just heard the creak of the west door,A figure came out in a flash,She whispered:“who are you?”
When Wang Youcai heard it was Xu Lihong’s voice,He said very happily:“Xu Lihong!I am your king brother。how?Don’t even know me anymore?”


Cheng Wenjing heard the words,Driving Tang Judi Girder smile,Didn’t put this sentence as really。
“Ager,You mention the gambling god,I suddenly remembered a thing,He has to play poker with the gambling king of Singapore.,The group I know is discussing this matter.。”Tang Judi said。
“Jude sister like this?”
“That is not,Occasionally play a mahjong,Cultivation。”
“That’s good,Gambling this kind of thing is still less,There is no good end.,Even if the gambling god”
Liao Wenjie dialect half,People are so unlucky,He doesn’t say the wind and the sky.。
Have a rich man,Tang Judi is very picky,Because of love beauty,Not a gourmet, she is absolutely not touching。
She is invited to a Chinese restaurant in a member.,No hall,Only separate private rooms,environment of grace,first rate service,Dispells are inertile,Square action when I get the card。
“How about it,I am not very handsome when I swipe.?”
“You should ask such a quiet sister。”
“This gimmick is crazy today.,The whole process will give you a eye,I haven’t allowed for a few days,You should send me a green hat.。”
“probably not,Wen Jing sister is intentionally。”
“how to say?”
“She is close to me,You are jealous,I am in this way, let you alienate me.,pity,A little eager to seek。”
“No bar,You can see this。”
Tang Judi widened,Troubled to take the car,Small channel:“Ager,Teach me two strokes,You understand the woman so much,There must be a stroke。”
“Jude sister,Your curiosity is a bit heavy,this is not good。”
“Pooh,I dare to tune。”
Tang Judi disdainfully:“Ager,Not you get enough,But my Tang Judi saw the big wind waves.,You have not enough。”
Liao Wenjie laughs,Straighteousness,Three people rushed to the next stop。
original,Tonight should be veryhappyRetake,Until the spicy man appears。
Night General 2nd Floor,Tang Judi with two major laws,Walking the pace of six pro,Far away,The end of the corridor,A burst of laughter。
“a ha ha ha”
Too magical,Be too familiar,Liao Wenjie can also guess Zhou Xingxing with toes,Look at the voice,really
Although a mold with Zhou Xingxing,But the corner of your mouth is a mole.,The look is more embarrassed。
Material is not bad,This person should be the husband of Tang Judi’s husband.。
“million,How are you here??”
Tang Judi face is ugly,Wang Million is holding a cigar,Left, hold two beautiful women,Obviously nightlife has just begun。
“I will ask this to ask.,What are you doing here??”
Wang Million won the cigar,Seeing Cheng Wenjing’s eyes,Look at Liao Wenjun:“so it is,With a small white face to find a heart,Say everyone all play,I will not bother you anymore。”
Say,Wang Million wants to open the road of Tang Judi。

That ripple is just a moment,But it made Li Tianzhen stare blankly for a long time,There are only faint ripples and undetectable tremors,It’s like a fly and a worm inadvertently hit a spider web in the dark,He wants to find the difference between the two space rifts,It’s not the difference in appearance that the eyes see,But to know the essence of the space,And what substance is on the other side。

The long stone is indeed missing,It never fell back,Except for the ripples at the moment of disappearance,Li Tianzhen hardly felt any obvious energy overflow,This is against common sense,Make him puzzled,Or that the stone is safe?Where did it go?
Li Tianzhi frowned,Obviously it doesn’t make sense from the perspective of formation,Although he is currently studying and selling,So-so,But inherited the memory of Li Xiucheng,After reading Yuwen’s collection,The knowledge of the formation is also considered an expert,Just be inspired,There is no formation that does not release energy,Whether it’s killing array、maze、Seal the Great Array and so on,The stone he threw in just now was inspired。
So Li Tianzhen found another smaller rock,Did not make any stay in that space,Shake your hand and threw it in,At the same time, my eyes widened and stared at the ripples,Sure enough,Very like a formation,But still too short,Not really,The rock passed through the space without accident and never returned。
Li Tianzhi is shocked,He can almost be sure,Outside the space rift is another relatively stable world,Not like the outside of other rifts,Usually extremely unstable,Or simply tyrannical void,in other words,The mirror-like surface above the head is like the door of the legendary space!
Think a little bit,Li Tianzhen stretched out his right hand,A dim yellow ball of light appeared on the fingertip of the index finger in the fluctuation of the consciousness,The ball of light rolled off the palm,Keep spinning,Soon became a cute rabbit,This is a creature with his mental strength,Tangible but insubstantial。
He sent the rabbit into a rift in space,After the same ripples,The rabbit looked around on the other side of the fissure,Then he bounced away,The rabbit jumped a long distance,suddenly,The spiritual power in the consciousness is broken,Although I can’t see what happened,But Li Tianzhen speculates,Should be a sudden external force,Wiped out the mental creature in an instant。
This made him think of the space rift in Xinglong Mountain.,Not only unstable,And it’s a one-way channel,Can break into outsiders from the other side of the rift,But on this side of the world,No matter what goes in, it will be cut and die,What is the reason?
Li Tianzhen, who was meditating again, suddenly felt undetectable fluctuations above his head,Look up,The faint mirror surface is calm as usual,But he drifted away quickly,Because he seems to have captured the long-sought energy spill。
Li Tianzhen retreated to the corner of the pit,Eyes quietly staring at the gap in space,Energy has changed from dim spilling to fluctuation,And it’s getting more and more obvious,The mirror finally rippled,A huge guy broke in instantly,Hit the ground with a bang,It’s so direct。
This is a very irregular object,Or it can be called a rock,Black,But not ordinary,The surface is steaming black,Like being burned by fire,Same as the gas released by the undead army in the valley,It seems extremely heavy,Actually smashed the ground into a deep hole。
The black fog is getting thicker,Has flooded the entire pit,Li Tianzhen is not in a hurry,in contrast,He has already restrained his breath,Disguised himself as a rock in the pit。
The weird thing is,Obviously there are channels,But the black mist does not spread out,Even if the whole pit body is dark and sticky,Out of sight,is also like this,The black mist is indeed the product of the Undead Army,It has obvious suppressive effect on living bodies,such as,Frightening、asphyxia、Unimaginable gravity, etc.,But it doesn’t affect Li Tianzhen。
Under the Eyes of True Vision,Li Tianzhen found that the black mist was slowly rotating,Seems to be trying to find a direction,Inadvertently,Several black tentacles formed in the mist,Tentacles wriggling,Unanimously pounce on the one that has been blocked、Passage to the valley behind,With the constant sound of clicking,These tentacles are actually clearing the passage,The whole process made Li Tianzhen incredible。
The tentacles move extremely fast,I dug a few feet away in a short time,There is a long distance ahead,So those tentacles stretched longer,And the black rock-like object suddenly cracked with a bang,Shattered into countless pieces,Each piece grows tall as if it is inflated。
Then as guessed,A statue of undead rock formed,These weird guys look like human bodies,One by one, holding head-like stones in their hands, they began to line up,When the tidy steps sounded,Li Tianzhen is equivalent to watching the formation process of the undead army completely。
in this way,Almost certainly the other side of the space rift is the world of the undead,And this rift that connects the two worlds,Without the barriers of the world,Almost directly through,Can be called the gate of space,How it is formed,Li Tianzhi has no way of knowing。

Also includes a Tingatlin machine gun、TenAK47,There are five military fire-breathing launchers,There is also a diesel generator,Makes Miao Village no longer need to light candles at night。

Nine p.m,Chen Xiu and Tang Ren are discussing plans for going up the mountain tomorrow,Li Lilith is wearing a white coat、I wear goggles on my face,Walked in before taking off the disposable experimental gloves。
“The test result came out,Compared the giant wild boar and the common wild boarDNALine up comparison,This giant wild boar is likely to be mutated by radiation!”
Everyone already
533 Enter the mountain again
Early next morning,Chen Xiu and the others set off towards Centipede Ridge neatly equipped。
Different from last time,This time, Chen Xiu and the others had a total of 12 people going up the mountain together,Everyone is equipped with aAK47、A hundred bullets,It is also equipped with five flamethrowers,Specially used to deal with flying centipedes,Like Chen Xiu and Ye Zicheng, they each brought two grenades,Even if you run into the giant ape that can’t be shot by a pistol, you don’t need to be afraid.。
“There are flying centipedes in the mountain col in front,Everyone be careful!”
Chen Xiu walked in front of the team and raised his arms,Everyone has heard Qin Xun talk about their last time going up the mountain,I know the terrible flying centipede,They are all cheering up。
534 Secret room
Wei opened a little and said:“Eight、Nine inseparable ten……Chen Xiu is out!”
While speaking, Chen Xiu had already come out of the Taoist temple, standing by the Taoist gate and waving to everyone。
Ye Zicheng brought everyone cautiously over,Asked in a low voice:“What’s the situation in Taoist temple?”
“Got a good new,A bad news。Which one do you want to listen to?”
“What time is it,Still in the mood to joke,Say it!”

For this test machine,Also specially selected auspicious hours,10point58Start on time。

I don’t want to start the test machine earlier,The main thing is that a group of people arrive at the company at nine in the morning,Simple welcome ceremony plus visiting Xiaozhi,It took more than forty minutes,Then Wang Yufei responded to Pan Wenyue’s request,It took another hour to redesign the algorithm and program。
But the problem is not big,Absolutely impossible to delay lunch。
Although Xiaozhi is far from reaching the best performance,But according to Wang Yufei’s estimation,The factorization of integers above ten thousand digits may take a long time to calculate for classical electronic computers.,It’s a real problem,But for Xiaozhi,Just a little test,The first batch of results should be reported in no more than two minutes,It’s absolutely impossible to delay the sumptuous lunch that has already been prepared。
so far,For Wang Yufei, eating is still the most important position,A young and energetic body needs more nutrients to meet the needs of a strong metabolism。
Okay,There is still a while before eating。
Pan Wenyue standing in front of the transparent glass window,In the line of sight is Xiaozhi’s attractive figure wrapped in transparent,There are young people who can see from the corner of the eye。
There are only two of them in the room。
After all, he is most familiar with Wang Yufei,So you can enter the most confidential control room。
For Wang Yufei,He has a lot of emotion。
Science is simple to write,But it’s great to learn。
Even high-level talents engaged in scientific research,Ninety percent of the people in the middle have toiled for a lifetime,It’s only a lifetime that I can touch the threshold of the word science.。It’s incredible,A young man less than eighteen years old walked ahead of everyone。
But his performance has always been very indifferent。
This is not a humiliation?
“Cough……”Pan Wenyue subconsciously coughed twice,This is a habit he has developed during his years of teaching,Skills to keep the voice in its best condition before officially speaking,Can first use this method to attract students’ attention。

“uncle,It’s not a gas now.,You think we can buy their farmhold fertilizer,Make money, they just earned thirty-fifty-five,But let’s make tens of thousands of people.,The interests of this are you can’t think of it.。”

Chapter 485 Zhao Jia Village
“If there is no farmhouse fertilizer,We grow vegetables to reduce production,When you say, who you said??”
Although Xu Laifu also understood the truth of Li,But think of this money to make Shenjia Village,He is not very comfortable in his heart.。
“alright,But you can say it.,In addition to farm,Other things are not。”
“Hey-hey,Row,Then I will find someone to ask.,By the way, you tell me.,Who is a relative relationship with Shenjia Village?,After all, relatives come to the door business.。”
I listened to Li Hui.,Xu Laifu is also immediately taking a head,Laugh:“Xiao Li,In addition to Shenjia Village, there is also a village home household,It is a bit far away,Do you want to try??
Our village, there is a little daughter in the village.。”
One heard this,Li Hui is also true.。
“uncle,You didn’t make a mistake.?
Every household raises pigs,Then, the village can say that it can take the vegetable greenhouse of our village.,The village is actually so powerful.。”
“Zhao Jia Village,Although it belongs to our town,But Zhaojia Village will enter some of Zhaojia Town,Generally, we really can’t see people in Zhaojia Village.,Because people are there, they belong to rich villages.。”
Xu Laifu said that this is a bit of emotion。
“Forehead,Who is the village of Zhaojia Village??”
“The daughter-in-law of the village accountant Liu Dafu,At the beginning, Liu Dafu can marry the wife of Zhaojia Village, but the road is very chest.,However, he can marry Zhao Xiaoli is also luck.。”
Say this,Xu Jiafu feels that he seems to say more,I will not say it now.,But laugh:“Now you don’t have to go to Shenjia village next door.?
You directly find Liu Dafu,And I see that Liu Dafu seems to be a speech to you.,I am right for him to find him.。”
Li Hui has not thought of this matter Xu Jiafu can find it.,Immediately, the old fox is the old fox,The eyes of people who see people are poisonous。
“Hey-hey,That line,uncle,I will go find him asking.,See if you can help。”
“Um,Go back,Go back。”
I immediately came to Liu Dafu’s house.。
Somehow,Although it is a day to come to Liu Dafu,But his heart is some virtual.,Because I saw Zhao Xiaoli, I was full of temptation.,Although he is not very moving,But in the face of the other party’s active embracing,He is still a little can’t eat。
But thinking about the hundred acres of greenhouses,There is also a greenhouse of the entire village.,He also drums the courage to knock a door.。
Awfully“Who is?
Liu Dafu went to the county,not at home。”
Zhao Xiaoli said,I have no restraint.,Continue directly to watch TV in the house。
General case,As long as Liu Dafu is not at home,Basically, no one is knocking again.。
“Scull,it’s me,Xiao Li.,I am looking for you something.,Don’t find Liu Shu’s。”
Li Hui Feng, this exit,Zhao Xiaoli is also a glimpse。
She knows that Li Hui has been successful in several times.,Then Li will hide directly to their two, two months.。
Now Li speaks with the wind to find her.,Not looking for Liu Dafu,Let her heart accelerate some accelerated。
“Xiao Li.,You wait.,The scorpion will come to you.。”
Say,She also dragged the characters on the feet to the bed.,Then quickly set black stockings,High heels,By the way, take the mirror,It feels good after it is good.,Only the door opened to Li Hui Hui door。

Fang Yu refused to accept the hard work tonight,How will he explain to the director tomorrow??

“I’ll go now!”
Fang Yu said goodbye to them。
Come downstairs,Fangfang came to Fang Yu,“Doctor Fang,Let’s go to the supper shop near the TV station!I am familiar with!”
“I’m just kidding!”
Fang Yu did not expect,Fangfang took it seriously。
“Fangfang……You’re off work!”
The two are talking。
Suddenly a man came over with flowers。
“I want to have supper with my friend……Goodbye!”
Finished,Fangfang quickly took Fang Yu away。
“Who is that person?Why are you so scared……”Fang Yu said strangely。
“Someone who likes me……Said it was nice to watch my show。I began to think that it was just an ordinary admirer……As a result, give me this every day,Send me that……I can’t help it!”
Fangfang helpless。
“You are so pretty,There must be many people who like you。normal……but,That kid seems unusual!”
Fang Yu reminded。
“Just be enthusiastic……Isn’t he the rules for me?!”


First2696chapter Took reassurance pills
Wu Qiang rushed in in two steps,He asked for a key from one of the men,Opened the handcuffs for Xia Jian。Then gently tore off the adhesive tape stuck to Xia Jian’s mouth。
Xia Jian moved around,He quickly said to Wu Qiang:“They went to the joint to meet,They hung the cultural relics outside the window with rope。and also,This group is very cautious,You must be careful”
“fast!You two go get the cultural relics back。remember!Must remain the same,Including all the details in the room cannot be destroyed”
Wu Qiang asked two colleagues to pick up the cultural relics。He patted Xia Jian on the shoulder and said:“I’m wronged, President Xia,This time it happened suddenly,Multi-provincial joint action,In order to be foolproof,Can only make you scared。But don’t worry,We deployed a lot of police,Everything is under our control,So you are absolutely safe”
“You mean i can’t go back yet?”
Xia Jian asked anxiously。
Wu Qiang nodded and said:“Now you go back,I’m sure to startle the snake,Then this operation failed at the most critical moment”
“All right,Rotten head without an axe,You speak!What should i do next”
Xia Jian was happy too,He heard what Wu Qiang said,I know I can’t go back for now,Not so much nonsense,It’s better to ask about his next job。
Wu Qiang smiled and said:“We exchanged real relics for fake ones,The next job is to arrest these cultural relics smugglers。When they trade,Our police will kill them all,This time, as long as it is arresting a few foreign cultural relic dealers。If not for them,Just these four guys,We have caught them long ago”
“In this case,Then you go quickly!It would be a big trouble if they come back”
Xia Jian said nervously。
Wu Qiang smiled and said:“Don’t worry,These four people are already under our control。Once they return,Someone will tell me right away。And i told you,Service staff on this floor,And the security in the lobby,All our people,So rest assured”
Xia Jian nodded,He suddenly said:“My car was still lost at the highway junction in Pingdu,do not know……”
“Don’t worry about this,Your friend calls the police,We will check your car in the whole city。And your phone was also found in a pile of weeds。As soon as you get on the highway,Your luxury car was dragged to our traffic police team,The police will show you,You still don’t worry”