“I feel like being drugged”Captain Dong said solemnly。

His voice just fell,Shouted another policeman scouting the living room:“team leader!Here is a letter”
Captain Dong listened,Yelled:“bring here”
Captain Dong is in front of Wang Lin,Opened the letter,See it says:“Mr. Xiao, we picked it up,No one is looking for。I wanted to take Mr. Xia with me,Can think again,He is worthless,Bringing him will add a burden。Tell Xia Jian,We can only negotiate with him about this,Don’t involve the police,Otherwise disadvantageous,Li Xiaolu”
On a page,Just a few words,Once Wang Lin finished reading,I was paralyzed on the sofa,She muttered involuntarily:“Manager Xiao!I killed you”
Captain Dong sat down,Asked quietly:“Who is this Li Xiaolu??”
“I got a babysitter from the housekeeping company”Wang Lin said weakly。
At this moment,Another policeman came in and said:“team leader,Camera on the door,The shooting time was fixed at ten o’clock yesterday morning,And there is a black dog in the backyard,Seems to have been drugged,Sleeping till now”
“it is good!Look for more useful clues in which nanny’s room”Captain Dong said,Stood up。
Wang Lin took a breath and said:“Captain Dong,What should we do next?”
“Don’t worry, Mr. Wang,This case can now be characterized as a kidnapping case,Mr. Xiao is not in any danger right now,What we have to do now is,Wait for them to show up,The other party will definitely ask”Captain Dong said with a serious face。
Wang Lin thought for a while and said:“Since they left the letter to not let you participate,You can only act in the dark,And also block the news of Mr. Xiao being kidnapped,I’m afraid that others have other intentions”
“understand,We know what to do,But you must stay calm,As if nothing happened”Captain Dong finished,And took the police away。
Fang Fang just came here,She asked quietly:“President Wang!Is Xiao always kidnapped by Li Xiaolu??”
“She should be right,Let’s take Xiao Hei to the pet hospital,Then go see Mr. Xia!remember,I can’t tell the task person about this”Wang Lin said coldly。This is a strong woman,For a while,She has adjusted her state back。
When Xia Jian opened his eyes,Found myself lying on a hospital bed,And also put a needle,He hasn’t recovered for a long time,What’s wrong?
Is it dreaming?its not right!The sun is shining outside the window,And from time to time there is the sound of car horns on the road,Xia Jian slowly recalled,When he remembered the scene last night,The whole person is stupid。
Is it true that Li Xiaolu gave me something??Seems something wrong,But he can’t tell what’s wrong,He doesn’t remember anything anyway。